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Are you looking for a technical SEO expert company to hand over all the technical aspects of your business, blogging, and other sites? If yes then SEO Experts India is more than proud to welcome you abroad on its technical SEO service portal. SEO Experts India is a major technical SEO agency that offers comprehensive content optimization services. Being in the service for more than a decade the agency has reached the milestones of serving countless numbers of clients in India and across the world.

What Is Technical SEO Service?

Simply put the technical SEO service is all about focusing on the technical aspects of content optimization. Broadly this part of SEO goes above and beyond the on and off-page SEO aspects campaign. As the name suggests the technical aspects of SEO deal with the technicalities of the website over the search engines. The objective of technical SEO is to optimize the technical aspects of the website in such a manner that enhances its visibility in the search engine. For instance, compliance with Google’s policies such as the ideal sitemap, website speed, mobile friendliness, content indexing, and so on are all aspects of technical SEO. Just like the on/off page technical SEO audit service is also the ongoing process in the backend of the website.

Why Is Technical SEO Recommended?

Technical SEO is often considered the third Pilar of website optimization after on and off-page optimization. The technical SEO specialist always works in the backend of the website and thus they are often not seen on the outer surface. However, ignoring the role of technical SEO audit services can hurt the ranking and visibility of any website. For instance, if a website is taking so much time to load the content then chances are there that it will be penalized by Google. Ultimately it will affect the ranking and visibility of the website in the search engine which will decline its traffic to a significant extent. Especially if the website is of an E-commerce or commercial nature then the damage will be beyond measurable imagination. For the same reason, the role of technical SEO should never be discarded and must be integrated from the beginning once the website goes live in the search engine. As the technical SEO consultant and expert agency we have always prioritized the technical part on top in our SEO campaigns.

Boost Your Website Ranking & Visibility with SEO Experts Technical SEO Services

SEO Experts, India has been in content optimization services for more than a decade now. Over a period of time, we have closely observed how the technical aspects of SEO can change the visibility and the ranking game for websites. Google being the most powerful search engine today puts its sheer emphasis on how a website is technically optimized with its content.

We always value the technical SEO aspects of our priority while designing our SEO campaigns for clients. Here below are the core elements of our technical SEO services to improve the performance and visibility of sites.

Website Speed and Performance Audit

The website visitors are the ones who rate the performance of the website on the basis of its content delivery. Speed does the whole matter here in terms of how fast a website is able to load the content. We do the magic of making website load time superfast by optimizing its CSS, Javascript files, and browser caching to deliver the content promptly. This in the long run improves website credibility, increases traffic, and improves the ranking in the search engine.

Mobile Friendly Website

More than half of the total visitors on websites these days prefer loading the website by using their mobiles. It is thus highly crucial that the website delivers mobile-friendly content to the users. Our team of expert website designers takes the whole cognizance to design the mobile Friendly websites. These websites load both on mobiles and computers without any lag and offer a smooth interface.

Website Security and HTTPS

Websites have to be well secured so as to save the users' information and avoid any leakage of data. This is done by implementing HTTPS as the secured service layer. We ensure that the website not only seems secure but also functions in the same way. A well-secured website always gets credibility among the visitors and also the search engine.

Crawling and Indexing

Google's bots always check how well the website is functioning and they regularly crawl the website to adult its content. We do ensure that the crawling of bots remains smooth by focusing on the XML sitemaps, setting the robot.txt files, submitting the website to the search engine, etc.

Auditing The Duplicate Content

Sometimes it happens that the website owners publish the specific content twice or publish the content of someone else. This is called the duplication of content and Google simply penalizes it. We have a regular technical SEO audit to find such faults in the content and fix them immediately to undo the harm. Our audit program puts its emphasis on the other aspects of the website.

Fixing Other Technical Errors and Issues

Technical SEO is an ongoing process and it keeps going on always in the backend since there are always things happening. We do monitor whole technical things in the background so as to ensure that the client's website doesn't get any harm. We have a team of experts who know the nerves of all technical aspects of SEO. Keeping the client's website healthy and going is our utmost goal and we do it with pleasure.

These are some of the core aspects of the technical SEO that we offer in our campaign. We put our best to optimize both the content and the technical aspects of our client’s websites. The only objective behind this is to improve the visibility and ranking of the client’s website to push it high for ultimate growth. Feel free to reach us at SEO Experts India and get a service quote from us today for all technical and other aspects of your website.

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